What is GiveGreen?

Pro-environment candidates need to raise more money than ever to run hard-hitting, successful campaigns. There’s no doubt that corporate special interests target pro-environmental champions — and their attacks are relentless.

If you plan to donate to political candidates this year and you care about the environment, the best giving strategy is to make your contributions through GiveGreen. By collecting contributions from thousands of donors who care about conservation, LCV Action Fund provides candidates with financial support while signaling the power of the environmental movement. And you still receive full credit for your contribution.

Please use GiveGreen to send a powerful message to politicians that donors care about protecting our air, land, water, and health — today and for future generations. With the support of allies such as NRDC Action Fund PAC, LCV Action Fund has a set a goal of raising or contributing $6 million in the 2016 election cycle for environmental champions through GiveGreen.

The GiveGreen total raised includes all contributions raised or contributed by LCV Action Fund in the 2016 election cycle for federal candidates, as well as contributions raised or contributed by state LCV partners to nonfederal candidates.