Candidate Details

Sheldon Whitehouse

RI - Senate

Since being elected  in 2006, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has proved to be a dedicated environmental champion.  As co-chair and co-founder of the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change and the bipartisan Senate Oceans Caucus, as well as helping to lead the Senate Climate Action Task Force, Whitehouse has made taking action on climate change one of his top priorities. In his former position as Chair of the Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Oversight, he convened many hearings on the necessity of using sound science in regulatory decisions to better protect our families and the environment. In addition, Whitehouse has been a vocal advocate for increasing energy efficiency in public housing, developing more renewable energy sources, protecting our coastlines and marine habitats,including Narragansett Bay, and investigating the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, the worst environmental catastrophe in our nation’s history. In 2015, he gave his 100th weekly “Time to Wake Up” speech on the Senate floor to draw attention to the urgent need for action on climate change.  Senator Whitehouse has earned a truly impressive lifetime score of 97% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.